– The Birchwood Project –

Selling a home in a tough price range at a tough time during the year to sell.  How to face those obstacles as a Seller and get it sold!


We took on  a home that had good bones from a homeowner that took great care

of the property, but the home needed some cosmetic updates.  Picking and choosing

which updates to do can be challenging.  We faced the mid summer slow time around the 4th of July

and faced a price range that is typically slow moving.  See what it took for us to get this sold, and

sold quickly for the price we needed.

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Episode 1: “Intro to the Project”

Episode 2: “Updating a 90’s Kitchen on a Budget”

Episode 3: “Always Paint”

Episode 4: “We’re Going to Be Over Budget…”

Episode 5: “Listing Day… Or at Least It Was Supposed to Be!”

We hope you are enjoying this first series so far, if you are an investor

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Episode 6: “It Sold! – Three Keys”

Episode 7: “The Before & After”

Episode 8: “3 Critical Lessons When Selling”

Thanks for checking out this series, we will be doing

more fun projects coming soon, stay tuned!