As Heather first meets with someone thinking of buying or selling their homes, she tells them, "I'll treat you like family, but promise I won't move in!" She believes honesty, transparency, and education are of utmost importance in her agent/client partnerships. She has been in real estate/CICs for over a decade and found that her sense of humor, creative problem-solving skills, and sense of adventure have not only provided her with the most rewarding career she could ever imagine, but they have also prepared her for many more years ahead. Heather takes her role seriously and is truly honored to be invited to be part of someone's story.


Though Heather has also lived in Duluth, MN, and Spencer, IA, she was born and raised in Rochester and decided to do the same for her two children, Brendan and Brooklyn. She attended UMD with a B.A. double major in Criminology and Communications with minors in Journalism, Political Science, and Psychology.


Although real estate is far from Heather's college background, she was fortunate to serve as the administrator of an independent living facility that introduced her to real estate in the form of CICs (Common Interest Communities). That experience provided Heather with the opportunity to help others begin new chapters in life and ultimately led her to residential real estate where she could help buyers and sellers as they transitioned into new life chapters.


She's not one who sits still very well; Heather always likes to be exploring and learning something new. Her favorite activities include traveling, biking, kayaking, gardening, writing, and organizing! Covid provided her with time to invent and mass-produce some insanely delicious jams! Fun facts: After years in radio, she continues to work as a voice actor. She collects sand (of all things!) from around the world. She is a licensed wedding officiant and has married over 200 couples. As each ceremony is unique to the couple, Heather reserves bragging rights as one of the few to incorporate a "unity sandwich" into a wedding ceremony in a most elegant and meaningful way.

The Dwell team was an absolute dream to work with and headed off any issues, which led to a very seamless buying and selling process. We are extremely satisfied and would recommend this team to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home! Well done, everyone!!!
Anthony J.
Home Buyer / Seller

Rochester Real Estate Reviews

This was literally the easiest closing experience ever. It (I’m not joking at all) took all of three minutes tops, and we were done. Could not have been simpler to deal with. Would recommend!
Patrick C.
I've been using Dwell to manage my properties for almost 3 years and couldn't be happier. The entire team is amazing!
Property Manager